Help Stray Pets with Zveroom

Help Stray Pets with Zveroom

At Zveroom, we care care about stray animals living in the streets around the world, and try to help them find their new homes.

Cats and dogs can get lost for a variety of reasons. Not only because of their owner's irresponsible behavior - even the most careful, thoughtful pet lovers can lose track of their pets for one reason or another. Animal shelters around the world are full of dogs and cats who were somehow separated from their families, and many of them stay there for a long time without being claimed. Cats are especially prone to becoming permanently lost once they end up in the shelter, and it is extremely important to take the right steps to successfully reunite them with the folks who love them, or find them new families.

Going beyond a relative safety of animal shelters, some of domestic cats, dogs, and even large birds and other types of animals who. for some reason, end up in the streets, will find it difficult to survive without any help from humans. They instinctively come where people are gathering asking for food, warmth and comfort, and some of very lucky ones will eventually get adopted by someone.

We at Zveroom are devoted to make it easier for stray pets to reunite with their families, or find new ones. With our stray pet profiles, caring users can describe a local homeless dog or a cat to help other users find it and take it home. It is a fast and easy process, and we are doing our best to greadually make it even easier.

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