Cats, dogs, birds, and other pets caretaking with Zveroom

Pets Caretaking with Zveroom

Nowadays, a question often arise for every pet owner - to whom should I leave my beloved cat, dog, canary or turtle, if I would need to go to another city or country for business, for a vacation, health issues, or any other scenario? Friends, relatives, even pet nurseries and expensive hostels come of use, but is that really the best solution?

What if there are no options to give your pet to someone, and pet hostels and nurseries are crowded. What to do then?

With Zveroom, you are able to search and easily find the optimal guardian (or 'caretaker') for your beloved pet. You will see his or her past experience, other users testimonials, and ask questions before making your choice. It's completely free!

Moreover, you can try yourself in a role of a pet caretaker at any time! Simply select pet types you like, and set your status to 'Ready to become a caretaker', and that's it! You can then wait for other users to find you, or look for pets currently in need of caretaker yourself.

The process is fast and easy, and we are looking forward to make it even easier.

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