Arabian Mau

Arabian Mau
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Life Span: up to 20 years.

Average Height:20-27 cm.

Average Weight:Around 5-8 kg.

The Arabian Mau is a domestic short-haired cat native to the desert regions of the Arabian Peninsula, which can also be found in the streets of local cities, conveniently adapted to the extreme temperature.

This medium-sized feline breed has generally good health, as it is a naturally developed semi-wild breed. Immune system is strong by nature, and kittens are usually born strong and healthy. Both pedigree cats and mixed-breed cats sometimes have varying incidences of health problems that may be genetic in nature.

The Arabian Mau has a firm body, well-developed muscles, long legs and oval shaped paws. It's body overall is not as slender as other breeds. The single coat is fine, glossy and moderately shredding, and is recognised in three varieties – tabby, bicolour, and white. Head is round with little curves on its nose, well-pronounced whisker pads, firm chin, and slightly slanting eyes.

Quite popular as a domestic pet, the Arabian Mau deals great with children and other house animals when introduced to them gradually, and is well suited to both indoor or outdoor living. Its temperament can be secribed as loving, affectionate and gentle, although sometimes - independent and freedom-loving, especially when adopted as an adult.

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