Tips for helping stray dogs and cats

General 15.06.2020
Tips for helping stray dogs and cats

Ever wondered about how you can help stray animals, like cats and dogs, found on the street? We have gathered some simple but important tips to follow:

  • Feeding it or providing it with clear water to drink is always a good idea;
  • If lost pets were living out in the streets for a long period, they will be dirty, skinny, possibly flea-ridden, and with lots of hair without regular grooming. Important thing is not to assume that an animal has been neglected or abandoned because of their appearance.
  • If the dog or cat is found without any ID tag, like a name badge on its collar, you can add a temporary one, with your name and phone on it. This way, if the pet gets lost a second time, there's a good chance it will be returned to you.
  • Lost pets can travel some distance in search for food or their lost families. You can check the lost-and-found sections of local newspapers, or communities in the Social Media.
  • Create flyers. Take a good photo of found pet, write a basic description, add a large headline (for example - "Found Dog"), print them out and distribute them in the surrounding areas. A good idea will be to leave out some information so you can ask specific questions of possible owners to help verify ownership.
  • Create a Stray Pet profile on Zveroom, using the same information, as with the flyers.
  • Found cat or dog should be taken to a local veterinary clinic or animal shelter for a medical scan. There, they can also be scanned for a microchip, which will help to identify it.

Hope it helps!

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