There is no Evidence that Pets are Spreading Coronavirus

General 27.03.2020
There is no Evidence that Pets are Spreading Coronavirus

Based on the data that currently exist about coronavirus (COVID-19), most experts conclude that pets do not get sick and do not transmit this dangerous virus.

In the situation with the global outbreak of novel coronavirus, many pet owners began to express concerns about whether they can get the virus from their animal. There are also questions about whether cats, dogs, and other animals can get this disease themselves.

Such fears intensified when reports appeared in various publications that a dog in China showed a «weak positive result» when testing for COVID-19. The remains of the virus were found in the nose and mouth of the dog, but no other signs of the disease were confirmed. Most experts agree that in this case, the virus was most likely transmitted from the owner of the dog, which turned out to be positive on COVID-19. Also, this case can be explained by the infection of the environment in which the dog stayed, who remained in quarantine with the owner, or by incorrect testing. Current studies and examinations show that animals do not get infected with coronavirus and cannot be carriers of it. This was also confirmed by the World Health Organization.

Pets for many have become a way of emotional relief during quarantine days. They help their owners not to become discouraged and are their best companion in these hard times. During the isolation, pet owners should adhere to the same hygiene and other procedures that they followed before when caring for animals. Also, doctors strongly recommend that everyone wash their hands more often. Adhering to this habit is also worthwhile after contact with animals. Indeed, although there are no signs and evidence that animals can transmit this exact version of coronavirus, they can still be the cause of some other diseases,if not treated responsibly.

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