The World's Most Famous Pet-related Events

General 11.12.2019
The World's Most Famous Pet-related Events

There are many large-scale annual events happening around the World, which are fully dedicated to pets and their owners. These are animal exhibitions, fashion shows and trade fairs - such events attract the attention of the public and help the animals in need, improve the public's attitude towards rescued animals, and also bring a lot of pleasure and fun to pet owners. We picked up several of these events, which traditionally get the most attention.

The New York Pet Fashion Show

Animal rescue is not always welcomed by the public. Enthusiasts do a lot to change the negative opinion of rescued animals and help future owners find their pets. This is precisely the goal of The New York Pet Fashion Show, one of the world's largest fashion events for animals and their owners, which traditionally collects record contributions to help animals.

The event was held for the first time in 2003, in February 2020 it will be held for the 17th time. At The New York Pet Fashion Show, guests can watch the beautifully dressed rescued pets and their owners, including celebrities. Each of the participants demonstrates an unusual bright outfit corresponding to the chosen topic. This event is widely covered in the press and every year attracts more and more attention.

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The Global Pet Expo

Global Pet Expo gathers a huge number of representatives of the pet products industry, this is one of the largest exhibitions in the world in this field. The exhibition is held in Orlando, Florida, and annually attracts tens of thousands of visitors from around the world who are professionally associated with the production or sale of goods and services for pets.

In 2019 alone, the exhibition introduced 3,000 new products for animals, thus influencing the development of the entire industry and presenting innovative products. Global Pet Expo occupies an area of 16 football fields - here you can find products for dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, horses and many other animals, including exotic ones.

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SuperZoo is another event that has a significant impact on the development of the pet care industry. This event, which takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, was founded in 1950 by the World Pet Association. Here, industry professionals can enjoy innovative ideas, get a lot of useful information, make contacts, tell the world about their achievements or just have a great time.

Visitors can participate in the famous SuperZoo University educational program, spend time at the exhibition of pet products and learn about new gadgets and accessories, participate as a contestant or spectator in grooming competitions, attend seminars and talk with experts on animal care topics, including health issues, or take part in a variety of other business and leisure activities. The event is known for its festive atmosphere with many unique events and even a traditional concert!

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Groom Expo

Groom Expo is a world-famous event in the field of animal care specializing in everything related to pet grooming. The exhibition is held annually in Hershey, Pennsylvania - groomers, trainers, animal behavior specialists, rescue center owners and other animal care professionals, as well as animal lovers and enthusiasts, gather here to show their achievements and learn about industry news.

At the Groom Expo, participants can attend many seminars and masterclasses, spend time at the exhibition of pet products, and participate in competitions. And the central event of the exhibition is the GroomOlympics competition. If you are interested in the care and rescue of animals, then attend such an event is a must!

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The Algonquin Cat's Annual Celebration

The Algonquin Hotel in New York has a glorious tradition of adopting cats. Since the 1930s, cats rescued from the streets have constantly lived here, which in the end has become a hallmark of the hotel, attracting cat lovers here. To care for the famous Algonquin cats - traditionally called Hamlet or Matilda - the hotel even has the position of the chief cat officer.

In honor of its furry residents, the hotel hosts a celebration every summer. Celebration for cats includes various entertainment events, including a fashion show. Also, an important part of the celebration is the collection of charitable funds that are transferred to the needs of animals in New York.

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One of the biggest events in the European pet industry is Interzoo, held every two years in Nuremberg, Germany. Visitors from more than 60 countries come here and you can find everything for pets and even more at the exhibition.

Professionals will find here an exact cut of modern industry trends, get acquainted with food products, care products and accessories for a wide variety of animals, including fish, birds, reptiles, etc. from more than 2 000 exhibitors.

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Zoomark International

Zoomark International is another major pet trade show in Europe. It is held every two years in the Italian city of Bologna and gathers manufacturers, retailers, dealers and other specialists of the industry related to nutrition, health, grooming, and animal care.

Guests of the event can wander through 53 000 square meters of exhibition space and see all the new products - from packaging for pet products to the most modern gadgets to care for them. And next year, the organizers of the exhibition promise to pay special attention to environmental sustainability in the pet product industry and demonstrate innovative solutions.

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London Dog Week

Dog owners and those who simply love these animals can participate in London Dog Week. The purpose of this event is to make the streets of the city, as well as its venues more friendly for dogs. The week is filled with a variety of events dedicated to the faithful four-legged friends of people - fashion shows, dog competitions, demonstrations of the work of service dogs, exhibitions of new products from the industry, events dedicated to dog health and celebration parties.

The event promotes community building and motivates dog owners to socialize and learn more about their pets. Also, within its framework, fundraising is carried out to care for abandoned animals. In order to take part in the activities of London Dog Week, it is not at all necessary to even have a dog - this is a series of super fun and exciting events for everyone. Although when you understand how much dogs help people and how much they positively affect our physical and mental health, you will definitely want to invite a charming puppy to your house!

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Woofstock is an open-air two day festival for dogs and their owners. The event is held in Woodbine Park in Toronto Beaches, Canada and is considered the largest event of its kind in North America. Woofstock has been held for 16 years in a row. Tens of thousands of dog lovers come here to have a great time with their pets and socialize with like-minded people.

The difference between the Woofstock festival and many of the events dedicated to pets is that it is a relaxed and fun event. Although industry trends in all its diversity are presented here, the central part of the event is a variety of entertainment events, including fun contests, fashion shows, talent shows and so on. Here you can have a great time and let your dog have a lot of fun!

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Pet Fair Asia

Pet Fair Asia is one of the most important events in the world for pet care professionals. This is a major exhibition of great importance for the development of the industry both in Asian markets and globally. Everything related to the creation, supply, distribution of goods for animals is presented at the exhibition.

The exhibition covers an area of 225 000 square meters. The organizers expect 80 000 professional participants to gather here in August 2020 to attend the event in its 23rd edition. Pet Fair Asia is considered one of the leaders in innovation for the pet industry, spreading new ideas and approaches around the world.

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