The Small Farm Became a Shelter for Hundreds of Homeless Dogs

Dogs 15.02.2020
The Small Farm Became a Shelter for Hundreds of Homeless Dogs

Place in a remote village in Costa Rica is a happy escape from the cold and hunger for many stray dogs that were left in the street unattended.

All thanks to the farm owner Lya Battle, who decided that she should take an active part in the fate of abandoned animals. Lya, of course, is not the only one taking care of animals, her husband Alvaro Saumet and several volunteers help her to provide food for so many dogs.

It all started with a few dogs, but then Lya and her husband began to help more and more animals, and finally, a few years ago they even took all the dogs from the closing shelter.

The territory in which animals live is called “Territorio de Zaguates” (“Territory for strays”). This place is not so easy to find, it is lost in the mountainous countryside of Costa Rica. In the shelter of Mother Teresa of Mutts, as Lya is sometimes called, where several hundred dogs live and their number is growing.

The exact number is unknown even to the owner of the farm, but it is more than five hundred now. Dogs are cared for and treated if they are sick. They receive all the necessary vaccinations and undergo a sterilization procedure. The shelter is periodically visited by veterinarians, for whom it is a charity service.

The farm has special days when everyone can come and help in caring for animals. The landlady and her assistants carry out large-scale campaign work and invite people to donate a piece of their time for those who need it.

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