The Abandoned Ones Animal Rescue Helps Stray Dogs in Texas

General 24.03.2020
The Abandoned Ones Animal Rescue Helps Stray Dogs in Texas

Judy Obregon from the United States has dedicated herself to dog rescue. She and her organization The Abandoned Ones have already helped hundreds of animals thrown out of the house and left unattended.

Judy's activities take place in Fort Worth, Texas. She and her assistants constantly patrol the local park - Echo Lake Park and its immediate surroundings. The fact is that it is in this area that local residents leave dogs for one reason or another, sometimes they are even dogs used in illegal dog fights. Often animals are sick or in need of care. Sometimes dogs are in heaps of garbage or in dense shrubs, which makes the work of rescuers quite difficult. Most often the organization deals with dogs, but it also saves cats.

The rescue organization set as its goal to find abandoned animals and provide them with adequate assistance with food, medicine, etc. Rescued animals also receive assistance at a veterinary clinic with which Judy has entered into an agreement. In addition, the organization works closely with the local police and reports all detected cases of animal cruelty. After the animals receive first aid and undergo a medical examination, Judy tries to find foster homes as well as adaptation options and passes the dogs to people who are committed to taking care of them.

In total, according to the official data of the organization, which are recorded on its Facebook page, more than 400 dogs have already been saved. Judy Obregon was awarded the Citizen Hero Award by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for her services in saving animals.

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