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Recent studies claim — cats can recognize their names

Many pet owners are confident that they can talk with their cat, dog or even fish and get a response. And a new study proves that cats really have the ability to recognize their names.

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10 pets, made famous by their famous owners

Every day we see famous actors, TV presenters and other celebrities on TV or social media. And if your favorite singer or actor has a pet, it also gets its share of attention. Sometimes quite a big share! Cute cats, dogs, or more exotic pets are becoming

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Pets are waiting for their owners — adopt don't shop

A lot of animals is now in the animal rescue centers in different cities of the United Arab Emirates. These cats and dogs will be immensely grateful if you take them to your home and into your family.

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Veterinarians rescued a severely injured dog in Abu Dhabi

Thanks to the actions of the employees of the German Veterinary Clinic, a dog was saved, who suffered in a street attack, which ended in very bad injuries.

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