How to Remove Fleas From Your Pet

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How to Remove Fleas From Your Pet

Fleas on your pets are always bad news, both for pet owners, as they have to be dealt with hassles of going to the vet and purging your entire home of the little pests, and certainly for pets themselves, as they will suffer itching and can bite and scratch themselves while trying to remove them.

You may be able to find fleas if you look in your pet's hair. Keep an extra attention on the areas between your pet’s shoulder blades or at the base of the tail, as these are the areas mostly affected fleas.

If you believe that your dog or cat has fleas, proper medication, as well as a performing certain procedures is a must. Below is the list of these procedures:

1. Give your pet good bath

Warm water with mild soap can help get rid of fleas from the coat and skin of your dog or cat. The soap can act as a gentle insecticide. If you are planning to use proper flea shampoo, a good idea will be getting a proper consultation with a local veterinarian prior to using it.

If your pet happens to be allergic to fleas (your veterinarian may call this 'flea allergic dermatitis'), its skin can be especially sensitive. This will be especially important in case your pet has open sores, wounds or “raw spots” on its skin. Some of the chemicals in anti-flea products can increase irritation and infections.

While a bath can help you to get rid of fleas from your pet, it’s not a must, and if you worry about how your pet will react to it, it’s OK to skip this step.

2. Comb your pet’s hair using a fine-tooth flea comb

Using specialized anti-flea comb is also a good idea, especially in case your pet does not like to take baths. The teeth on these combs are located at a distance from each other. It was designed this way to catch fleas while they pass your pet's fur. A flea comb is also useful in removing flea excrement (also called “flea dirt”) - dark brown or black specks that look like small pepper flakes. They are actually made mostly from your pet’s dried blood, which fleas consume.

Be sure to take extra care while combing your pet’s neck and tail, as these are the spots where fleas usually feed.

3. Kill the fleas

Typical flees are generally between the size of poppy and sesame seeds, brown or reddish in color. If after using flea comb you will see them on it, the best way to kill them is to put them in hot soapy water. Remember - do not try to kill them one by one, as they can jump fast and are difficult to kill by hand.

4. Check your pet's fur regularly

If your cat or dog has was catching fleas in the past, remember to use your flea comb at least once a week until you are 100% sure that your home and pet are free of them.

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