Exotic Birds in Europe

Birds 27.07.2020
Exotic Birds in Europe

Exotic birds like large parrots first appeared in Europe more than two thousand years ago.

The helmsman of Alexander the Great’s fleet - Onesicritus, saw them from the inhabitants of India and brought them to Greece. At the beginning of our era, parrots were already so popular among the ancient Romans that some fellow citizens were indignant:

"Oh, unfortunate Rome! What have we come to: women feed dogs on their halves, men carry parrots in their arms".

These were also Indian parrots.

However, most of the parrots, about half of the existing species, live in Australia. These are budgerigars, and cockatiels, and rosella, and cockatoos.

The first drawing of a budgie and its scientific description was made only at the end of the XVII - beginning of the XVIII century by the English scientist George Shaw. An employee of the Museum of the London Zoological Society, John Gould was the first who brought budgerigars to Europe and England, in 1840. This year is considered as the beginning of the domestication of budgies. They began to be bred in England, France and Belgium. In Russia, they appeared at the end of the last century.

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