Animal Shelters in the UAE

General 12.11.2019
Animal Shelters in the UAE

The problem of stray animals, which for various reasons ended up on the streets, is quite widespread around the world. In the UAE, unfortunately, this problem is specifically common, as a large percentage of its residents live and work on a temporary basis, eventually leaving the country and, sadly, often abandon their pets with no place to leave.

In the UAE, pet care is fixed at the legislative level. The government entity responsible for it is the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. The legislative acts, approved in 2018, establishes the norm according to which pet owners under no circumstances can throw out pets and deprive them of care. Abandonment of animals will be considered, in terms of the law, as animal abuse. Such act, as well as other cruelty towards animals will cause legal consequences. The law also established other rules for pet owners, like prohibition to use sharp objects when handling them, feeding them with hormones or steroids, use animals in fights, and take other actions, which can harm animal’s health and psyche. According to the severity of the act, it will be either a fine, or in some cases - even imprisonment for the offender.

Although it is getting better gradually, the problem of stray animals is being solved slowly. The streets are still inhabited by abandoned animals in poor health conditions. Cats and dogs are especially affected. These animals, either by chance or because of their owner’s lack of responsibility, are left without care. They need treatment, care, and a warm home.

Many specialized institutions take care of animals in such a difficult situation. These can be small pet stores that can only take care of kittens or puppies, or large animal care centers that accept other animals, including exotic ones, which are also often thrown away.

In order to prevent suffering or a hungry death on the street of such animals, voluntary shelters support them, treat them and inform the public that a large number of animals are ready for adoption.

Together with activists and rescue organizations, animal shelters conduct a number of activities to help animals.

  • Animals receive medical care and are given all the necessary vaccinations according to their age;
  • Animals get microchips (A microchip will help identify the animal if necessary. For example, if it runs away and goes to the shelter again);
  • Animals are sterilized. Trap-neuter-return program for feral cats and stray dogs started in Abu Dhabi in 2007. Today it operates in other large cities and helps to cope with the increase in the number of stray animals on the streets;
  • Animals that need training, these are mainly dogs, get the necessary skills - they are trained to walk on a leash and taught to basic skills of behavior with people;
  • They get grooming sessions to get ready for adoption;
  • Owners of animals or those who are still thinking about getting a pet can get a lot of information and useful tips;
  • Special adoption days are organized to ensure that the animals could find new owners. The main task of shelters and animal welfare organizations is to find the owner for the animal. Active advertising campaigns are held to convince people that saving an animal is much better than buying it. And of course, potential owners pass a thorough check before getting the animal;
  • In addition to adaptation, shelters are looking for foster homes for animals.

In the UAE, there are many organizations that save animals and provide shelters for them. From hundreds existing, we can name some examples. If you find an animal that needs help, there will be a shelter near your location where you can turn for advice and help.

  • Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter, located at the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, is the first animal shelter in Abu Dhabi, which aims to take care of animal welfare according to the policies of the Abu Dhabi government. It was founded in 2010 and today this organization can be proud of finding about 600 new owners every year for abandoned animals, mainly cats and dogs.
  • Red Paw Foundation is an adoption organization, controlled by the Emirates Animal Welfare Society, which was founded in 2013 in Dubai. The main objective of the organization is to help cats and dogs left on the streets of the city or in other difficult conditions. They receive medical assistance, the animals are sterilized and chipped, after which they find temporary houses, and then permanent ones.
  • Sharjah Cat and Dog Shelter is a non-profit organization in the Ruhmania district near the local airport. The shelter rescues cats and dogs and is actively looking for new owners for them. The shelter provides comfortable conditions for animals, including the complete absence of cells, and it also has a modern clinic for pets.
  • Ras Al Khaimah Animal Welfare Centre, supported by the government of Ras Al Khaimah, began operations in 2010. It is a versatile center for animals, where you can find a clinic, a place for keeping animals including spacious kennels and a cattery, adoption room, pet shop, etc.
  • Animals and Us in Fujairah has opened its doors since 2006. This is a charitable organization that helps abandoned cats and dogs. The organization deals with stray animals, helping them find owners. Animals receive medical attention and comprehensive care.

We at Zveroom are joining the cause to help stray animals to find a new home. We have launched a virtual showcase for pets of any type and breed. Everyone is invited to add their pet profile, as it is convenient for multiple scenarios:

  • If you found a pet on the street and looking for someone to adopt it;
  • If you are planning to leave the country, and looking for a new owner for your pet;
  • You are looking for a pet to adopt permanently or take care of it for some time.

From adding a photo and description of a pet, there are many other features available on Zveroom, and we keep adding new ones.

We are happy to say that Zveroom is the first specialized Web platform in the UAE designed specifically for pet lovers, by pet lovers. We hope that this initiative will help many animals find a new home and new loving owners.

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