10 Facts About Homeless Animals

General 14.01.2020
10 Facts About Homeless Animals

Many homeless animals are waiting for their chance for adoption. Information about the lives of such animals and how they get to shelters and rescue centers, as well as about their adoption, can be useful to both current and future pet owners. We picked up some interesting facts.

  1. Of the 8 dogs that are born in a variety of conditions, only 1 will be able to find owners for adoption. As for cats, only 1 out of 10 will be adopted. Pets have a fast breeding cycle and often, either due to neglect of the owners or to the fact that such animals live on the streets, they uncontrollably bring offspring. Unfortunately, not all kittens or puppies can find owners.
  2. There are two main ways in which stray animals can enter shelters. They are found on the streets by experts of animal control services, as well as pet owners themselves, for whatever reason decide that they can no longer take care of them and bring animals to the shelter.
  3. About 2,7 million animals, mainly cats and dogs, are to be killed each year. This is the only option available, as animal shelters can not accommodate more animals to care for. At the same time, there are not enough people who want to adopt animals as needed.
  4. A quarter of all the dogs you can find in the shelter are purebred. If you want to have a pet of any particular breed, you can most likely find it in one of the shelters in your region.
  5. Twice as many animals enter shelters from the streets, being homeless, than brought by the owners.
  6. The exact number of stray animals is very difficult to determine. A rough estimate for stray cats in the USA is roughly 70 million animals.
  7. Due to improper supervision of the former owners, only 10% of all animals in the shelters are initially sterilized. Most of them undergo this procedure already in the shelter in order to stop the uncontrolled reproduction and death of many animals.
  8. A common reason for animals to get onto the streets is that the owners do not look after them well enough, and the absence of tags or other signs with the name of the animal and information about it and its owner and place of residence is also a common problem.
  9. The number of animals in shelters goes to millions. In the United States, for example, about 7.5 million pets are accepted by pet shelter workers annually. About half of them are dogs and half are cats.
  10. Lost animals sometimes return to their owners. For dogs, this happens more often, about 15% of animals return. For cats, however, this figure is much lower, being only about 2%.
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