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Five Reasons Why Your Cat is Always Hungry

When you think of a pet begging for food, the first pet that comes up in your mind would probably be a dog, with its big sad eyes and cute behavior. But nevertheless, cats can pretty much be obsessed with food as well, and often act in a similar way.

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Saluki - the Bedouin's best friend

Saluki are well-known skinny long-legged dogs, fast and graceful as the wind and beautiful as a supermodel. Considered to be one of the world's oldest breeds, they are valued in many countries of the Arabian Gulf and beyond.

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Tips for helping stray dogs and cats

Ever wondered about how you can help stray animals, like cats and dogs, found on the street? We have gathered some simple but important tips to follow.

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Pets May Experience Increased Anxiety after Quarantine

The lifting of restrictive quarantine measures as the coronavirus pandemic weakens may have its negative side. Namely - increased social anxiety in domestic animals.

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