About Zveroom.com

About Zveroom

Zveroom is a platform for friendly communication and the exchange of useful information for pet owners and lovers around the Globe, as well as search for caretakers for temporary animal care, information hub, and many other exciting things.

Its main purpose is to be a useful place for owners of a wide variety of pets — сats, dogs, aquarium fish, birds, and even more exotic species. Everyone is invited! Here, pet owners can communicate with like-minded people and at the same time receive practical help in various issues. Users can exchange information, get useful tips, quickly find out the news, chat, and of course, show off their pets to the Community - and beyond!

Moreover, Zveroom helps to find a temporary home for pets that are, for one reason or another, in need to be taken care of for some time. The system of ratings and transparent reviews allows you to find someone to whom you can entrust your cat, dog or other species during a vacation or business trip. Likewise, you yourself can help others in this way and temporarily take care of a pet while its owner is on leave.

Here, pets have profiles just like their owners! They have avatars, personal photo galleries, even comments and ratings! Zveroom is a great place for proud owners to show off their beloved pets, read more about their breed and species, and share it with the World!

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